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Crack fic 'In Which Dante Is Shaken By Stirring Everyones Loins - Because even Hell should have humour... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Because Dante can't even figure what way to shoot...

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Crack fic 'In Which Dante Is Shaken By Stirring Everyones Loins [Jan. 3rd, 2007|08:59 pm]
Because even Hell should have humour...


I apologise to those who have already read this, and I wasn't going to post it publically on the basis that someone will shoot me but, stuff it XD

This is my nano, or the first chapter more accurately, of what of it that actually constitutes parts of the same story. It's full of more crack than you can shake a stick at and crosses over numerous fandoms. It's a parody of badfic, badfic writers, Nobody has been spared, including myself, whom I've taken the piss out of on a number of occasions. I'm even taking the piss out of canon. Ignore the messiness, it was written in a hurry (obviously being nano) and I've not really done anything to it since except censor the bad smut XD Which means that the word 'loins' randomly turns up, because I was challenged to get it in there as much as was feasibly possible, and at the end for a short while it turns into a good old fashioned badfic just before the conclusion to the rather sketchy plot XD Anyway:

WARNINGS:It does contain a lot of censored bad smut (the bad smut was actually written, but I won't burn your eyes too badly and much OOCness for a reason that will become vague as the story progresses. If you see anything that you possibly recognise as baring resemblance to, and taking the piss out of something you've written, the chances are it is. Actually it's probably not really. But if it is or you believe it is PLEASE do not be offended, it doesn't mean I don't like you as a writer or thought what you wrote was crap. The only thing I can suggest, is if crack fic is not your thing, don't read (which does beg the question Why are you a member of a crack

Either way, after such a long preamble, I hope you enjoy it.

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