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Because even Hell should have humour...
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This is a community dedicated to all things crack within the DMC fandom.


1:Post crack
2:Must be DMC related
3:No RPG ads
4:Any content of an adult nature must be placed under a cut
5:Any posts with large or multiple images must be placed behind a cut
6:This community is yaoi, yuri and het friendly. Anything you have a problem with, just don't look at.
7:Have fun, be nice. Everyone is entitled to thier own opinion, live with it XD

The most important thing is, post as much DMC crack as you can think of. This community needs love :]

Given time and if we get a good number of active members, I would like to start running occasional competitions, like 'funniest dmc icon' or a caption competition. If anyone wants to get involved and has any interest, has any skills to contribute towards 'prizes' that would be great so that I don't bankrupt myself with LJ paid accounts (though they may be up for grabs occasionally) XD

Come on people, lets turn this into something...funny.

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noc_turne A new community for you Shin Megami Tensei fans, DMC fans are welcome too.
dw_crack A sister community to this for fans of Dynasty Warriors.

Both need your support so go give them some love.